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Best Methods for Cleaning Area Rugs

Area rugs are an important decorative part of the large, recreational rooms in the home. With frequent use in high-activity rooms, area rugs can often require frequent, thorough cleanings to keep them looking new and feeling comfortably soft to the touch. Here are the best methods for maintaining the quality of area rugs in the home so they last as long as possible while looking fresh and vibrant.

living room with an area rug

Invest in a giant lint roller

High-quality vacuum cleaners can suck up a lot of dirt and debris on their own but may need help to get the smaller things or to suck up pesty materials like dust, lint, and thick pet hair. Lint rollers can focus on the individual rug fibers and pull up all the particles that might not be seen. This tool provides a more thorough clean, resulting in a softer carpet underfoot and a cleaner home overall.

Perfect your spot treatments

Accidents happen every day that can result in unfortunate stains from drinks and dirt that just won’t come out. Always make sure to thoroughly vacuum the area rug before applying any liquids or soaps to avoid creating a larger mess. A cleaning mixture of vinegar and water can help to lift stains and dirt spots before they permanently discolor the rug. It might also be helpful to soak the carpet with the vinegar mixture, place a towel above it, and use an iron to move the stain to the towel, which can be thrown in the washing machine.

Use a sponge mop or squeegee for pet hair

A lint roller can help to remove a variety of particles, but some bigger pets or those with thicker coats may release too much hair to effectively use this tool. A slightly damp sponge mop or squeegee can be easier to use to pull the hair from the rug fibers. This will create clumps of hair that can be removed easily in a flash without too much elbow grease. Any mop used on area rugs shouldn’t be used for any other cleaning as this can track dirt and particulates around the home.

Know how to care for different fiber and rug types

There are many styles of area rugs available that bring different colors and stylistic benefits to the home. Make sure to be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations for area rug cleaning and what sort of care will best benefit the rug. This will clear up any homeowner questions concerning the right products to use if the rug is hand-wash only or if a carpet cleaner can be used. Being aware of the rug’s best care guidelines can increase its overall lifespan and long-term quality.