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Carpet And Fabric Care Tips From Experts

The amount of time that your carpet and fabric last will depend on how well you take care of it. Proper care will also keep your carpet and fabric looking great. Experts recommend that you do the following to care for your fabric and carpet.

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Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

Vacuuming your carpet will prevent dirt from building up in it. This dirt not only makes the carpet look bad, but it can also ruin the fibers. If you want to get even more out of vacuuming, then you will need to use one that has a HEPA filter.

Wash Your Fabric

Your fabric needs to be washed regularly. The way that you wash the fabric will depend on the type that you have. If you have acetate fabric, then you should hand wash it and let it air dry. The cotton fabric should be machine-washed in hot water and then put in a dryer. Put the dryer on tumble dry. Linen fabric should be machine-washed in cool water and then air-dried.

If you have silk fiber, then you can machine-wash it in cool water or hand-wash it. You can let it air dry or put it in the dryer on tumble dry. Polyester fiber should be machine-washed in cool water and air-dried or put on tumble dry.

Keep Away From Sunlight

Both carpet and fabric should be kept away from direct sunlight. The more sunlight a carpet or fabric is exposed to, the more damaged it will get. You will also be able to preserve the brightness and color of the carpet by keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning

According to professional carpet cleaners, every carpet requires a deep cleaning now and then. You should get it done at least once a year. However, you may need carpet cleaning more often. This will depend on your lifestyle. Professional cleaning is more thorough than the one you can do yourself. A professional cleaning will get deep down into the carpet fibers.

Avoid Letting Stains Settle

Stains can ruin the carpet and fabric. That is why if something spills, then you will need to act quickly to clean it up. Make sure that you bloat the stains instead of scrubbing them. Scrubbing them can cause them to get deeper down into the carpet. You can use soapy water to get rid of the stains.