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Secrets of Leather Furniture Cleaning

Secrets of Leather Furniture Cleaning

When do you think about leather furniture, and what typically comes to mind? Chances are, most people think about high-end luxury leather-upholstered seats and carpets. It is because of the tremendous price tag that accompanies a piece of furniture made out of genuine cowhide. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that they can clean their old and peeling upholstery with a gentle mixture of water mixed with natural liquid soap.

Hand in rubber protective glove with microfiber cloth cleaning a leather cube chair.

Basic Cleaning Tips

  1. Never use harsh chemicals, as they can damage the fibers. If your furniture becomes dirty, wipe it off with a soft cloth and warm water. Use care when using a machine to clean leather furniture, as they can cause damage to the fibers.


  1. Make sure to use a leather cleaner to give your furniture that shiny new look. While any cleaner will do, you can use an appropriate product for your specific type of leather. For example, you can use something for suede or the grain effect on vegetable-tanned leathers. Vegetable-tanned leathers are much more durable and long-lasting than other types.


  1. Be careful when applying a leather conditioner. Some leather styles are prone to making streaks if you do not wipe them off before using a conditioner. Damage can also be done if you apply too much, as it can create ripples in the fibers.


  1. When your furniture becomes dirty, take care of how you clean it up. Over time, oil and dirt will accumulate on the surface of the leather and can be difficult to remove by hand.


  1. Keep your furniture in good shape by occasionally taking it to a professional for repair. Never attempt to fix yourself, as it is often more complex than simply getting a professional to do the work for you.


  1. Install leather furniture covers to protect your furniture from damage from spills and other objects that could scratch them.


  1. Before using leather care products on leather furniture, test the items on a hidden panel on the leather item first to ensure there will be no adverse effects on how the product works.


  1. Ensure that you often vacuum dust and dirt off your leather furniture. Using a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush can clean up spills and other debris.


  1. To keep your leather furniture looking new, you must clean it regularly.


  1. Cleaning leather furniture is not simply about wiping everything down, although this does help to remove dirt buildup. It is essential to know how to clean the surface properly and where the oils are located on the device.

Cleaning your leather furniture is not an arduous process. Even if you do not know what to use or how to clean correctly, many easy methods can be used to clean up your leather furniture. The all-natural ingredients in the cleaning products and the all-natural ingredients in the soap will leave your leather furniture looking new and smelling fresh every time you clean it. By following these easy cleaning tips and caring for your leather with care, it can last for years.