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Truck Mount vs Portable: Which One is Right for My Carpet Cleaning Business?

Usually, the type of carpet and its condition determines the type of equipment you use. Another factor that matters is the type of business. Make sure that you know whether to use truck mount or portable equipment for your carpet cleaning jobs.

When Truck-Mounted Equipment Is Preferred

Truck-mounted equipment is preferred for cleaning private houses, apartments, and small offices. This equipment includes a very long hose that is dragged from one room to another. The hose is attached to a water tank inside of the truck. When using a truck-mounted machine, the carpet cleaner has access to a steady supply of water and cleaning chemicals so that the cleaning is done thoroughly and effectively. A Meridian, Idaho carpet cleaner uses hot water extraction with a powerful truck-mounted machine to give your carpet the most thorough clean possible.

When Portable Equipment Is Ideal

There are situations when portable equipment is ideal for cleaning carpets. Commercial cleaning involves cleaning dozens of rooms and wide, open spaces that extend hundreds of feet. Dragging a very long water hose from one room to dozens of others is not practical or safe. In addition, there are few hoses that are long enough for the trip through a large commercial building like a school, theater, or office building. In these cases, it’s more suitable to use portable battery- or electric-powered carpet cleaning machines.

worker in orange jumpsuit using carpet cleaning equipment

It Depends on the Types of Customers

Whether you use truck mount or portable equipment depends on the needs of your customers. Residential customers live on small, quiet properties that can accommodate the presence of a long-hosed machine and a commercial truck parked in the driveway. At any commercial business that has a lot of space, it’s burdensome and impractical to drag a long hose throughout the entire building. Using portable equipment is ideal when cleaning commercial carpets.

The decision on which type of machine to use depends partly on the personal preferences of each customer. Some homeowners don’t like the loud, bulky appearance of truck mount cleaning machines that sit in the front yard. They prefer the quieter, more private function of portable equipment. Other homeowners prefer the use of truck mount machines to ensure the most effective cleaning.

Having the best carpet cleaning equipment lying around is ideal, but you must know which one to use and how to use it properly. The right selection affects the level of cleanliness that you create in every home or business that you enter. Know where you should use the truck mount equipment and where to use the portable versions when you start your business.